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More Breaking News! The New Marlboro Preserve

December 7, 2016 ... Matching Grant Results!

Good people of New Marlborough, you rose to the challenge! You came through big-time for the New Marlboro Preserve. 

61 people who believe in saving these beautiful 114 acres of fields, forest, river and creek said "Yes"!  Together you contributed $22,075 and an Angel matched you with $15,000. 

But wait -- what about the excess contributions?

Good news: A Land Trust Board member is matching the $7,075 that you gave above the original $15,000 challenge -- that's an additional $14,150 toward our goal.

All of us at the Land Trust -- Board, staff, volunteers -- thank you so much.

Matching Grant results (last updated 6:00 p.m., 12/7/16)

              #      Amount        Match         Total

                    $15,000.00  + $15,000.00  =  $30,000.00         OUR GOAL

             61      $22,075.00   +  $22,075.00  =  $44,150.00        Current Tally

The Land Trust is trying to do something really bold, and we need your help now! We want to acquire a vitally important 114-acre tract in New Marlborough. Our goal is to make "The New Marlboro Preserve” a real asset for our entire community. It has open fields, deep forest and a stunning gorge on the Umpachene River. To make it happen, we need your support.  For more information go to the tab, The New Marlboro Preserve, on our menu bar.   To help us now, click here.

Our Mission

The New Marlborough Land Trust encourages and promotes the preservation of natural resources in the Town of New Marlborough to protect the Town’s unique rural character. The Land Trust works in concert with the citizens and governing bodies of New Marlborough for the benefit of the environment, our local economy, community education and future generations.