The New Marlboro Preserve


July 17, 2017

The "Hike-able Feast" makes the cover page of the Berkshire Eagle!,513799

July 16, 2017

"Hike-able Feast": Celebration of the New Marlboro Preserve, Sunday, July 16, 11-1

We will host a “Hike-able Feast” to open a newly created 1.3 loop trail (see trail map below) at the recently acquired New Marlboro Preserve. The celebration will feature four stations of food prepared and sourced from top area providers Gedney Farm, The Flour Bin, Berkshire Bounty Farm, The Farm New Marlborough, and Mill River Farm. The new trail starts beneath an 8-foot banner listing the 200 people who contributed to the Preserve.

February 13, 2017

Dear Friends of the Land Trust:

Even as the snow flies, we are beginning planning for the future use of the New Marlboro Preserve.
The Land Trust is seeking a farm partner who will work with the Land Trust to bring the Preserve fields back to productive use. We are seeking "Request For Proposals" (RFP) from interested farm businesses. Please refer to the attached RFP and the soil report for the area.

Both productive agricultural use of the fields and hiking trails are our first priorities for the Preserve.
Even in the snow and ice volunteers are exploring the acreage on the east side of the river and siting a preliminary route for a "River Walk".
Spring will be here before we know it...  and the world will be green again!

If you have any questions regarding submitting a letter of intent, please contact Martha at
We look forward to developing the Preserve for the benefit of our community.

The New Marlboro Preserve

The Preserve consists of five distinct elements:

"The River" -- The Umpachene River and its main tributary Willow Creek form a 45-acre wishbone through the New Marlboro Preserve. Wild and rugged, the core watershed areas are one of the Town's ecological treasures, with water flow destined to arrive miles later at Umpachene Falls. The River touches and influences all the component parts of the entire parcel. A walking trail will reveal this natural beauty to residents and visitors. 

Roughly 45 acres of higher ground, the "Interior Woods" flank the Umpachene River. These two forested pieces are valuable to prevent future development above the village, as their proximity to areas with road access make them prime targets for high-end housing.

The Rooney Farmhouse, on about 1 acre, is tightly situated between the Southfield Road and the Umpachene River. The Land Trust will ascertain whether it is feasible to renovate the main house, which is in great disrepair. If the farmhouse can be restored, it could serve as high-tech community office space.

The "East Meadow", about 4 acres along South Sandisfield Road (Route 183), has been used intermittently over the years for grazing. The Land Trust hopes to return this meadow to productive agricultural use. 

The "Village Meadow" contains about 20 acres of open land behind six houses and one business on the south side of the village. It also has several hundred feet of road frontage on the Southfield Road. The Land Trust hopes to protect this iconic parcel from unwanted development that would harm the rural character of the village. Additionally, a primary goal for this parcel is productive agricultural use, i.e., livestock, haying or other crops.